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Interesting Developments

I haven't mentioned this male couple that moved into the apartment next to mine. They are very nice and sweet and good neighbors and sexy as heck. I wasn't sure if they were a couple at first... They both flirted with me. And I mean FLIRTED! Major-ly. More than the fun sweet flirting that gay men will do.

I had them over a few weeks ago for a drinkie. They once again were flirting and making nice comments about my outfit and such. I bent over the table to give them their cocktails and realized that both were staring down my cleavage. And to my embarrassment, one came back from the bathroom with one of my gay porn mags. I'd been... Well, never mind. Anyway, they asked if I thought gay sex was hot and I told them the only thing I thought was hotter was bi men. I told them about my bad experience with the boyfriend who sailed off for gay land, but how the sex I'd had with him and another man had been about the hottest in my entire life.

So they start getting affectionate with each other. Nothing tacky, but snuggling and little kisses and I told them how their flirting had made me think they might be straight. And they told me they were bi. Extremely bi!


So, anyway, we all got friendlier... They had me over for dinner and last weekend we went to see The DaVinci Code and we watched LOST this week as well. And they get more and more...sexual with each other in front of me and I tell you, the dildo was used the minute I was alone the last two times! I could see they were getting hardons and one sorta pretended to hump the other from behind when he bent over to put hors 'oeuvres on the their coffee table. I also scoped out their bedroom and they have a HUGE California king size bed. And sure enough, in THEIR bedroom was a porn mag as well. A bi one with two men and a woman. Lord, was I wet!

Then last night... They came home from some party or other and invited me over. They had these wonderful sandwiches that they had taken home from the party and they were a little buzzed and got me buzzed pretty fast on some great...ah...smoke. And then we were sorta dancing around the room and a slow song came on suddenly and one asked me to dance. We were close and I was getting horny and to my surprise I realized he was hard. Then his lover came up behind me and held me and moved with us to the music and I could feel he was hard.

They invited me to stay the night.

Stay the night?

Yes, because they didn't want to just fuck, they wanted to make love to me and sleep with me and wake up and make me breakfast. They said they knew we'd only known each other a short time but they really like me and wanted to show me how much.

I just voiced my concern that our friendship could vanish but they didn't feel that way. And I finally thought, what the fuck, if it does spoil things, at least we haven't been friends for months or years.

It was amazing. It was the best sex I've ever even thought of having. Toby, the younger (only by a year) wasn't very experienced with women but he was very enthusiastic. Was better than most men I've had sex with and his partner John was totally amazing. We all three had sex! I got to suck them both (WOW) and they both went down on me (John more than Toby) and I got to watch them suck each other (God, it was SOOOO hot!)! But mostly because there was caring involved, you know?

Toby fucked me while John fucked him! In a way, it was John who was in charge cuz his fucking into Toby made Toby fuck into me. OMG! And when came, and fell to the side in exhaustion, John (realizing I hadn't cum yet) got between my legs and orally brought me off. I wasn't sure if it was his technique or the fact that I could see he was eating his lover's cum that got me off, but either way, it was amazing.

And I did spend the night and they did make me breakfast and then we made love again. We went to see X3, which was great and now I am home. But they are making dinner and want me to come over again. Toby and I don't have to work in the morning and John said I should spend the night.

I know I shouldn't' have let Toby cum in me, but he and John are pretty darned close to monogamous. They have been with a few women before me, because John doesn't want Toby to regret not having a woman in his life. Sorta strange. Toby wants a kid really bad, and John isn't sure about the trouble of adopting or finding a woman who would have their kid.

I hope they find someone. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this. It is really amazing!

Veal parmesan in just an hour or two. What should I wear?

OH! They've been a couple for about three years and are obviously in love. John told me that he feels a little insecure with Toby's bisexuality. I told him that was funny since he was bi as well. He said that he could be happy with either a man or a woman and wasn't hung up on the kid thing. He would be happy with a child but didn't need one. Toby really wants a kid though and John worries that some woman will steal him away. I told him that nothing is permanent and he needed to cherish every day.

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