sheenah (sheenah) wrote,

Well, I Spent the Night with Toby and John Again...

...goddess, a girl could fall in love.

We have a lot in common too, besides loving sex. I look at my journal and people must think I'm just a pervert, but I'm not, really.

WOW, last night!

Did I say veal parmesan? It was chicken parmesan and, WOW, can John cook! Luckily I had a couple of bottles of wine (every time I see clearance sales I buy at least a couple of bottles for just such occasions). The food was totally amazing. I mean, Toby can cook! Believe me! But John is like a chef or something.

So we ate and watched X2 of all things and cuddled. And not me in the middle! BIG couch and me laying back in Toby's arms and him back in John's and John caressing us both, and Toby caressing me and John as much as he can with me laying against me, and ditto me touching them. Those masculine legs and arms around me... HEAVEN!

And we are enjoying the movie and the wine and each other and then I hear them kissing and I shift a bit, just enough to watch and then Toby is kissing me while John sucks on his neck and stuff.

Believe it or not, we actually watched the whole movie and as soon as the credits started, we were off to their room and that magnificent bed.

We kept shifting around as to who got the most attention. Toby didn't seem that interested in going down on me, but John sure did! But then something amazing happened and I shouldn't share it but I am going to. John shifted to the edge of the bed, sitting with his legs hanging off. Then he had me sit in his lap, my back to him and ... well ... fucked me. Toby got on his knees to watch and then suddenly just went wild! He ate me like a man gone insane! Like me, licking John's balls, sucking it every time it popped out of me, eating us both like crazy.

I came over and over and over again. I can't remember when I've cum like that! Do any of you women understand that at all? I have a female friend who says she doesn't know if she's every cum before and I cum at least three or four times a day (self induced). But last night! And once again (I know, I shouldn't have), I took cum in me without a rubber, but Toby just ate it out of me and then jumped up, let out a cry, and barely touching himself, just soaked me in his cum.

I am wet again, damnit!

We climbed into the bed, me in the middle, let the cum get all over all of us and we fell asleep that way!

This morning John jumped up and made coffee and opened some danish and brought it to us in bed. I wanted to suck him off but he had to leave for work. He kissed me deeply and snuggled my neck and whispered about how happy he had made me and asked me to make love with his husband!

So we did! I was feeling really funny at first, but it wasn't wild like last night, just holding and kissing and licking and a little oral. Again, without John right there, Toby wasn't as into the oral sex with me, but shit, I don't care! And I climbed on top of him and then, Lord, he was in me and we just rocked gently until the end when we were both getting close and he rolled me over and just banged us both into orgasm.

Then we cuddled more until he had to go to work. I have the day off. I am just sitting here, feeling wonderful.

I know "bi" men pretty well and I can't imagine that this could last, but I am going to ADORE every minute of it. We can't get together tonight I guess, but hopefully soon!

But these guys are amazing!
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