sheenah (sheenah) wrote,

Had a Wonderful Time Last Night...

...Toby and John took me to a party. OLD friend of John's. And they decided it was time for us to "come out." People were shocked. Especially John's friend. He knew John was bi, but people really are prejudiced about the couple thing. Two people is okay, but three isn't. One cute female came to me and gushed about how jealous she was and wanted to know if I like watching my men play together, which I of course said YES!

Toby and I got pretty buzzed and John, designated driver, took us home and banged the hell out of both of us. It was amazing! Then Toby, who usually won't go down on me, ate me out like crazy. When it has those dick connotations, he goes berserk. Loves to eat John's deposits for a loooong time. I must have cum twice in ten minutes.

I am in love. God, I hope I don't get hurt, but I love these men and they seem to mean it when they say the love me.

They keep giggling about something. They've got something up their sleeve! I can't wait to see what!

Toby is soooooo sweet and John is like our protector. There is this almost sister thing going on (when we aren't fucking) with Toby, and a father/protector with John.

I love it. Toby is soooooo smooth and slim and tight, and John is very very hairy and more muscular. I am getting wet thinking about right back...

...back now. I just had to go into the bedroom and look at their tangled naked bodies. I don't know if there is ANYTHING more hot!

**heart flutter**
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