sheenah (sheenah) wrote,

I Got This WAY Bizarre Call Today... was from some man who was WAY pissed that I am with John and Toby. He says that the ONLY reason they are with me is that Toby wants a kid. He said I was a whore for getting into their relationship, and he thought it was disgusting. That I was some ultimate fag hag.

I started to reply. I started to tell him he was full of shit. There was this surge of anger in me that wanted to lash out at him.

And then I thought of them making love to me... The holding and cuddling.

And I knew this anonymous asshole wasn't worth the bother. I thought of my Mother who always knew how to be classy in every situation.

Then I told him that I was sterile.

Was that petty?

I told him I was sorry that this upset him so much and wished him all the best.

I am not going to tell John and Toby about this. Why upset them.

I know I am loved and that is all that matters. Now, to get back to dinner!

They will be home soon!

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