sheenah (sheenah) wrote,

Had Something Funny Happen Today at Work...

Toby came by and took me out to lunch. We went to Jerusalem Cafe and I had a gyro, it was wonderful and somehow romantic. LOL! I don't know why, it just was. He even bought me a rose from this girl on the street. Kissed me big time, but not gross, no one yelled, "Get a room!" Then he took me back to work...

Gave me a kiss in the car and a few people saw and waved, and Gloria, this girl I work with, came up and I introduced them. Toby charmed her hose off! Inside Gloria told me how lucky I was, just as we were passing the receptionist. Anyway, Candy (the receptionist, and yes, that IS her name), stopped me with a, "Oh, Sheenah! Your boyfriend called while you were out to lunch. He said he was in the field and you didn't need to call back, and (**wink**wind**), he wuuuuvs you!"

I laughed and said, "I seriously doubt John said, 'wuv.'"

"OK," she says, "I sorta added that part. But he did say he loved you."

I smiled and turned and almost slammed into Gloria. "B-b-b-b-b-but I thought TOBY was your boyfriend!"

I guess I blushed (will have to stop that-at least in this kind of case). "He is."

"Then who is Toby??????" (did you catch all those question marks? I sure as shit did!

"He's my boyfriend too."

Her eyes really WERE as big a saucers! "Does John know????"

I leaned close. "Yes," I sorta whispered (why???????). "We all live together." I didn't know what else TO say. I couldn't lie about the men I adore. She looked frozen, like the Medusa had turned her to stone or something! Then she grinned.

"You lucking bitch!" she whispered back. "My boyfriend can't hope to keep up with me! "You lucking fucking bitch!!!"

LOL! What a DAY!!!
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