sheenah (sheenah) wrote,

So Halloween Is Around the Corner...

...and I am so excited. The condo is all decorated with all three of our decorations. Me, a Halloween feind, and of course I should have know that two "fags" would LOVE the holiday as well and have a ton of stuff... Put mine to shame. We are also haveing a little get-together and I ran to Walgreens and got these fun Gothteenie glasses! I just wish I could find the shaker!

We are going to go as Adam and Eve and Steve. Silly, I know, but lots of fun! It was that or the three brides of Dracula and I didn't want my HOT men to pretend they were girls. I am wearing a body suit with lots of pretty leaves on it and they won't be wearing much! **pitter**pat**

We are going to have some fun games and a contest. Having the party next Friday night so as not to compete with the other parties. I wish I would have realized today was Friday the 13th. What a perfect day that would have been to throw a Halloween party!

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Why thank you!! **beams**

And if those are your eyes, WOW!

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What does the "rest" of you look like?

Deleted comment

Sexy! I am going to show the boys!

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Toby says if he didn't already have two people in his life and you lived in Kansas City, he'd jump your bones. **G**