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sheenah's Journal

1 June 1980

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I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way...

Hi! As with most of these bios I will say, "This is my journal..."

I mostly have it just so that I could comment in people's journals without doing it anonymously. What difference does it make?

Who knows? Maybe I just wanted to pay for the privilege?

I don't want to say a lot about myself at this time... That will come with time and I will alter this bio. I want to be the every-woman, you know? Leave out age and height and weight and figure... Because so many people judge a book by its cover. I do and I sure as heck don't mean to or want to. Don't worry about my age or what I look like or what my race is (or even my sex for that matter...). I WILL tell you that I am over eighteen!! It doesn't matter what I look like or how old I am. I am Sheenah!

OH! I'll say this! That is my name! My mom liked the comic book and changed the spelling!

Something amazing and wonderful has happened to me recently. I now have TWO boyfriends! We are three live together, they are bi, so it really is a triad. It is a fantasy come true. Something I've wanted since I was a kid and didn't realized what I was wishing for! I've never known such love and happiness and completeness!

OH! And I LOVE the show Lost! Sheenah of the jungle wishes she could be lost on that jungle island!

Is it Wednesday yet??
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