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Hey...there was an article today in the Kansas City Star that sorta surprised me. It was about Brokeback Mountain and the opinions of the residents... Seems they asked people to email their opinions....

Some were just wonderful and some downright horrified me. I think the fact that recently I was sort of a Alma Del Mar myself, I COULD have every right to be bitter. I was afraid I wasn't even going to be able to watch the movie again, but I went today (2nd time) and still bawled like a baby. I had more sympathy for the wives (not that I didn't before) and that made me cry as well, but I won't go on about that. It is all in my journal entry yesterday and I don't want to bore you. I guess the nastiness of some of the comments actually gave me some healing. I know I just don't want to be that kind of a person...

The point of this post was about the opinion's of Kansas City emailers. I am NOT going to post the names and locations of the people who hated the movie or said mean or even cruel things. I know fans and they'll track these people down and give them what for, and I don't want to be the cause of that!

What really amazed me is there are some statistics that went with the article and it showed a great deal of the people said the movie was bad, but hadn't even seen it! And sad that were some who were gay and married and asked that their letters not be published... Made me cry again!

SO... Here are some of them...

"'Brokeback Mountain' is a 'Gone With the Wind' for the 21st century."
Tim Molthan - Kansas City

"It's totally disgusting and offensive."
You Don't Care What His Name Is - Platte City

Isn't that sad? What a homophobe. And what is really sad is he very well could be an Ennis who longs for the love of a Jack, but would rather turn that longing into hatred...

"I know people may be scared away by the seemingly gay context, but I don't think that is what the movie is about. It is about two people who love each other but cannot be together -- something that many love stories are based around."
Megan Thomas - Olathe

“Disgusting! It’s very sad to see the moral decay that is being promoted in movies. It takes strong parents to guide children through their growing-up years and it’s sad to say the majority of parents don’t care what their kids do or where they go or what they see.”
You Don't Want to Know Here Name Either - Shawnee

I so want to say something to this woman. Like, "yeah, like force them to look at a dead body with the penis ripped off so you can say, 'This is what happens to people with no morals...'" Or even better, "Yes, you are right. And smart parents will take their kids to see this..."

“Saying that ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is a ‘gay’ movie is like saying that Gulliver’s Travels is a travel book.”
Joseph Ford - Kansas City

“I have seen ’Brokeback Mountain’ twice. At the second showing, a middle-aged man behind me remarked disparagingly about the ’two cowboy fags’. That deprecation took me back to 1959, when a colleague of mine made a comment about the film version of ’Porgy and Bess’. Bias never changes; it simply alters the focus of its enmity.”
Frank Robertson - Mission

“I don't plan to see this movie. Hope it bombs.”
Ms Hateful Person - Raytown, MO

“(I’m) a 75-year-old straight female, and it so moved me emotionally that I have been unable to get it off my mind. It is not a movie about two gay men. It is a love story plain and simple. It still haunts me and I feel it is one of the best movies ever made, if not the best.”
Jan Higbee - Merriam

“An interesting movie. Ang Lee is a very talented director. He is able to capture people & their relationships to others so well. It is a beautifully shot movie. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are tragic, flawed characters. They devastate & heap emotional damage upon the women in their lives by their selfishness. It is a movie about choices and accountability (and the lack of) for ones actions. Jack & Ennis could have made other choices even given the times (albeit not perfect ones) and taken their lives in other directions, rather than taking the moral low road and having a huge negative impact on the people around them. It is not so much a tragic love story between two men (which was probably the director’s intent), but a story of two flawed men bent on satisfying their own needs at the expense of others, including each other.”
Ms I Won't Tell You Her Name - Lansing

I can't help but think...baggage. After my 2006 so far, I have the kind of reasons to say things like this, but after reading this woman, it helped my heart shift to a different place. Of course these men couldn't "just" take a different route. Did she SEE this movie? Does she think they felt no guilt about what they did to the people in their lives? But they felt they had no other choice. I think something tragic has happened to this woman's love life, perhaps someone had an affair on her. That, or the woman has never had something powerful and passionate happen in her life that made her allow her "morals" to slip...

“I would love for anyone claiming homosexuality is a sin or a choice to see "Brokeback Mountain." Within the first twenty minutes of the film, I forgot I was watching two men fall in love and saw just a love story, and a beautiful one at that. You would have to be truly hard of heart not to identify with a man’s need to smell his dead lover’s shirt or with the electricity that ensues when two people in love have not seen one another in four years--of course they kiss passionately in a stairwell! The movie teaches of the tragic repercussions of prejudice--Jack and Ennis are not the only ones who suffer, both of their families do too. Not since reading Romeo and Juliet as an emotional fourteen-year-old girl have I felt such indignation at the thought of two people being kept apart. This time however, I was doubly saddened--the society condemning the unorthodox love affair is not an antique, nearly unfathomable one, it’s ours.”
Alison Haddad, Shawnee Mission

“I was so excited for the opening of Brokeback Mountain. I hear there’s a sequel in the works. In it the main character has an affair with one of his sheep. The acting is supposed to be superb. Early Oscar buzz has the sheep winning the best supporting actress award. From what I hear it’s really not a political film. The scenes of bestiality are really understated and not meant to desensitize the audience with regard to this lifestyle.”
Mr Jerk - Kansas City

“I am a 60-year old male heterosexual and left the movie knowing that I had a seen a love story. Yes it has an excellent cast, a great script and often times spectacular scenery. But first and foremost, it is a love story. Get over it.”

Don Cameron, Overland Park, Kansas

If you want to see more, check here:

Love and Kisses,

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My parents practically forbade me to see my ex-boyfriend is taking me on his birthday.

Oh, the horrid things we liberals do. XD
It's a dirty job... but somebody's got to do it. Haha. Septic tank pumping, trash collecting, cultural open-mindedness, yeesh. Gets tough out there, but we're changing the world.
Gets tough out there, but we're changing the world.

One day at a time...
{{{HUGS}}} What a great ex-boyfriend. I hope my ex and I become that kind of friends. And he is will to see a "gay" movie! WOW! Very cool!

And I fripping LOVE your icon!!!!!!!!!!
I think something tragic has happened to this woman's love life, perhaps someone had an affair on her.

But how someone deals with that tragedy says a lot about them as a person, so no excuse, but I think Ms I won't tell you her name of Lansing is of the "Homosexuality is a choice" school of thought, which says "you just have to try harder to be cured" so probably fundamentalist Christian, and probably brain washed without an ounce of original thought in her body.

Now, something needed for you, I think. ((((((Sheenah))))))

{{{HUGS}}} right back. Thanks. You brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you...
Anytime. I'm good at hugs. :) And yes, I've needed some in the past, but all better now. :) :) :) you mind if I friend you?
If my journal interests you, stop on by. :) It's mostly my fiction, so don't expect lots of BBM posts. I've been letting of steam about that elsewhere.

And I do have interests besides BBM. Like fiction!

Who is that in your loverly icon?
The icon is a picture by the very talented trilliah. It was originally a picture of Frodo/Sam, but as it was almost a dead ringer for my OCs Tom and Barard, Trilliah let me use a manip of it. shoesparks sorted out the hair colour for me, and there they are. :) Humping hobbits. Not to everyone's taste, but works for me. :D


12 years ago


12 years ago

Lol, I bet the majority of the people that are saying "Omg this movie is so digusting!11!!!!" haven't even seen it.

And I think I love Don Cameron.

Thanks for posting :P
You are welcome...
Alison Haddad's words are great .... relating it to romeo and juliet ... but the tragedy being that was a long time ago, and we live in this society that does this today. *sigh*
**nods head**